Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Whats the best face cream for dry skin?

It depends on your skin type and the bucks you want to spend.

A great cheaper product is Eucerin. It can be found in drugstores and places like Target/WalMart. They have a few kinds including for sensitive skin(I am allergic to everything and it's okay for me), with sunscreen, extreme dry skin, etc. It is very lightweight and sinks in well, without greasy film.

A more expensive solution is MD Forte Advanced Hydrating Complex. It comes in Gel or Creme. It is in a smaller package, but a little goes a long way-I keep a tube for about 6 months. It is made for hydrating and stopping/preventing fine lines. It is very hydrating and you can feel your skin ';drink'; it in.

It can be purchased at any dermatologist, but if you are a cheapskate, like myself, I buy it at skin-etc.com-way cheaper than the $50 the doctor charges me.

Also, try exfoliating before moisturizing, and don't forget to moisturize before bed. These products don't break you out, because they soak in so quickly.Whats the best face cream for dry skin?
fair and lovely, emami, and garnier.Whats the best face cream for dry skin?
mary kays skin cream i dont know the name but it is a pink color
I use Vichy Thermal fix 1. After suffering from dry skin for years, this is by far the best face cream ever! for me anyways. and It's not expensive.
Dior's Hydraction and Philiosphy's Hope In A Jar....I use them both! Wonderful products.
clean and clear face lotion
mudd facial pack
Ponds (cheap and you can find it anywhere, wal mart, etc.)
I like Ponds Face cream in a jar. or Avon's Moisture Therapy in a jar, they are especially good in the winter months. Both are inexpensive and make your face feel like a baby's bottom.
i use clean and clear the whole set and it works for me

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