Saturday, December 26, 2009

What is the best body lotion/cream for dry skin?

since winter is coming i need some moisturizing and exfoliating cream/lotion for my body since my skin will be dry.

my skin is somewhat sensitive but just a bit so i guess it doesn't have to be something that specifically 'sensitive' but i'd like for it to moisturize and exfoliate for sure.

i like dove body wash and dove exfoliating face wash, but i'm wondering if their body lotion/cream w/e is good too.

what have you had experience with and what can you recommend me? talk about some bad experiences to if you'd like.What is the best body lotion/cream for dry skin?
After you get out of the shower put lotion on while your skin is still wet. I like to use body butters in various scents. They are thicker than lotion. I like lotions from Burt's Bees. Sometimes I use petroleum jelly too.

If you read the labels on lotion and can find a lotion where water is not the first ingredient it is usually better.

If you like the Dove products you will probably like using their lotion too. I have used it and it works fine.What is the best body lotion/cream for dry skin?
cetaphil moisturising cream

good $$$ and good for dry skin. it was developed by doctors.
Dove lotion i use it all the time it keeps my body smooth and NOT DRY

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