Saturday, December 26, 2009

What to do if i have dry skin after applying creams?

i have pimple prone skin and is currently using the ( Panoxy1 Acnegel 5 ). i have been experiencing dry skin since i applied the cream. i have read some of the post tat mentioned by moisture my face. however it doesnt work for me. The problem still persist like some kind of dead skin covering the places where i applied the cream. Anyone can help me out on what to do ? cause i heard having dry skin will worsen the situation. ( sry for my bad command of english.)What to do if i have dry skin after applying creams?
I think its one of the effects of using panoxyl, it dries out the pimple. I agree with the previous posts, you should do some exfoliation. You could also try ponds cold cream before washing your face with a facial wash/cleanser, or scrub for deep cleans and moisturizes your face, leaving a supple feel after washing the face. Then, apply your panoxyl as usual. Hope it works for you, coz it worked for me!What to do if i have dry skin after applying creams?
some problem here!

and this is what i do..

scrub your face with a facial scrub..\

then wash it with a moisturising wash..

after that tone it.

and moisturize it..

then if you like,spray some scented face mist..

good luck..
u should buy a wash that your skin isnt going to be sensitive to if you have dry skin problem. buy a wash thats for dry skin only.
first stop using panoxy... than use scrub and make sure you use moisturizer, i still would see dermatologist to make sure you don't have psoriasis it is skin disorder.
maybe the product doesn't suit you.try consulting a dermatologist first before trying other products.
Try somthing that exfoliates, like Clean %26amp; Clear Morning Burst facial scrub. Then use moisturiser. If your problems are severe, maybe you are allergic to the cream you're using. Also since your skin is prone to pimples you should avoid using foundations, and if you do, use an oil free foundation such as Maybelline New York Pure Makeup Foundation and wash it off well afterwards.
stop the product which u are using right now. use glycolic skin tonner.

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