Saturday, December 26, 2009

Should this scar cream stuff dry out my skin?

Because it does.

Well, correction it doesnt exactly dry out my skin as feel slightly uncomfortable %26amp; the stuff itself just drys on the skin and peels.

I am applying this to a rather big scar.Should this scar cream stuff dry out my skin?
you should try to apply vitamin e on your scars--it won't dry out your skin. Check out and click on the scars link on the left for more info and tips.Should this scar cream stuff dry out my skin?
Well, sort of. It means it's trying to do it's job. Is the scar all healed up? Like, not scabbed and stuff? You should only apply the OTC stuff (like mederma) to wounds that have completely healed. Call the number of the manufacturer to see if they can give you more information. Or look for a website on the package. There might be a Q%26amp;A page there.

If so, and you don't like the way it's looking, try Vitamin E oil or cocoa butter with shea. Both are really good for your skin and should help lessen the appearance of the scar.

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