Saturday, December 26, 2009

Nipple cream for dry skin?

I got a huge tube of Lansinoh nipple cream when my son was born and only had to use it for a couple of weeks and this stuff is very expensive. Now, my son has very dry skin, red patches on his belly and chest, my doc said it was eczema and to put lotion on him often. I have tried lotion and it doesn't work well, so I was wondering if I could use the nipple cream which is really just medical grade lanolin on him. I figure if it's safe for him to eat since it's used for breastfeeding wouldn't it be safe for his skin?Nipple cream for dry skin?
I wouldn't think it could hurt to try it. The only bad thing is it could stain his clothes so be sure to put an old onesie on him first. That stuff stained my bras big time.Nipple cream for dry skin?
I used lanolin on my sons bottom when he got dry skin and it worked great! Try it!
You can try it, it actually works really well on babies! At least it worked well for both of mine! Good Luck
yes it works great but it can leave bad stains
Either that or Desitin cream, that stuff is the best!
I'd try A%26amp;D ointment!

That stuff is great for dry skin, chapped lips or burns!
Try Aveeno

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