Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Would cream to powder foundation be suitable for dry skin?

and could i wear loose or pressed powder on its own over normal face moisturiser?Would cream to powder foundation be suitable for dry skin?
Yes. You should moisturize first with any makeup.Would cream to powder foundation be suitable for dry skin?
Typically, no. The powdery finish of a cream to powder formula usually makes your dry skin appear even more dry. Stick to a liquid foundation and a light powder to set.

Your best defence against dry skin is to moisturize; inside and out. This means, plenty of water and a good moisturizer formulated for dry skin. Smoking and a bad diet depletes your skin of moisture as does drinking and lack of sleep. Obviously, sunbathing and drug use is murder on your skin!

As for applying powder over a clean face with moisturizer...you can, but again, depending on the powder you are using as it may emphasize your dry skin....depending on how dry you are - your question didn't say. How about trying a tinted moisturizer instead? You'll get moisture for your dry skin and some sheer light coverage as well.

I am in the same boat as you with dry skin and, for me, it's been trial and error with foundations. I'm currently using Clinique's Stay True liquid foundation and like it so far. I use MAC's Blot Pressed powder over top. Currently, I'm using Cetaphil Barrier cream for my moisturizer....I live in Western Canada and our air is quite dry here (and getting worse with the changing of seasons lately, too!) you'll have to choose a cream suitable to your area as well.

Hope this helps. Dry skin is tricky and tough to get back into shape, but it can be done with the right products, water, diet, etc, and determination!

Good luck!
I am a Mary Kay Cosmetics, Independent Beauty Consultant and we rely on the recommendations from the company and their make-up expert Robert Jones for advice.

According to Mary Kay, Inc. and Robert Jones, Sheer Mineral Pressed Powder is not to be used as a foundation, not for coverage. It is only for setting foundation. Always blot your face to remove any oily areas before applying powder. The new Loose Mineral Powder Foundation is an excellent foundation for all skin types and is good for your skin because it protects your skin while adding needed minerals and elements during the day. The more you buff with the brush, the more it blends. The Mineral Foundaion is applied after cleansing and moisturizing your face with our recommended TimeWise Anti-Aging Cleanser and Moisturizer for Normal to Dry Skin. If you find, your skin is still to dry with these products, we recommend you try the Advanced Moisture Renewal Treatment Cream or Enhanced Moisture Renewal Cream at bedtime along with the TimeWise Moisturizer in the morning. We also have other products specifically for very dry skin that you may want to try depending on the severity of your dry skin.

Creme to Powder foundation is for all skin types, it is lightweight and oil-free and provides sheer to full buildable coverage. Can be used as makeup or as touch-up, blends easily to even skin tone.

If you have very dry skin, I would recommend you try the Full-Coverage foundation (hydrates up to six hours) or the Day Radiance Cream Foundation (a rich, creamy foundation, helps seal in moisture as it protects from dehydrating conditions, glides on effortlessly for maximum, long-lasting coverage). It really depends on how dry your skin really is. Since you are asking about the loose and pressed powder, I assume you like a shear coverage, so I would start out trying the creme to powder foundation first.

I have some samples of our products that I would be happy to send you if you are interested in trying them before actually purchasing the products. And I need to mention that I ship free of charge, regardless of order size or amount and you have a 100% satisfaction guarantee with Mary Kay products. If for ANY reason, you do not like the products, simply return them to me and I will refund or replace the products 100%, no questions asked. Where does it get any better than that? What do you have to lose?

Let me know if you would like to try some of our products via my website www.marykay.com/juliedbush - just go on there and register and tell me a little about your specific skin care needs and I will mail the samples to you ASAP.

I hope I have answered your questions adequately and I look forward to hearing from you soon.
no it wouldnt be good, i have dry skin and it will just get in the small cracks making you face look even dryer and blotchy. use a cream, or even better a tinted moisturiser if you skin isnt bad
honestly....no. you would need to use liquid makeup and THEN if you incountered any shiney spots on your face use powder to touch them up....I have very oily skin and i have to use powder ALOT!!
I like creams better for my dry skin, I use pressed powder, a tiny dab, on my face to cover shiny spots. Poppy

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