Wednesday, December 16, 2009

What skin cream is best for REALLY dry, cracked skin?

Some I have try burn when I apply them?

Suggestions?What skin cream is best for REALLY dry, cracked skin?
I LOVE Gold Bond Ultimate Healing with Aloe

This stuff is really thick, and it does leve you kinda greasy for awhile, but it WORKS!What skin cream is best for REALLY dry, cracked skin?
Arbonne has aromassentials there is bath and shower gel formula that cleanses without drying,leaving skin smooth,softened and conditioned with the awaken essential oil blend, sea salt scrub exfoliating action of this sea salt scrub enhanced with the awaken essential oil blend sloughs away dead surface cells revealing brighter healthier looking skin, body lotion rich moisturizer and condition err formulated rejuvenating body mist is designed to hydrate and invigorate skin while delivering the aroma therapeutic benefits. this will help out your dry skin and they have products for you face as well.
Where is the skin dry? Are you looking for something for your face, hands, feet?

*Eucerin for hands. This is what my Dr. recommended.

*Extra Emollient Night Cream - a Mary Kay product. I put it on my feet every night with little socks over my feet. Nice soft feet in the morning.

*Satin Hands Pampering Set for hands - Mary Kay
My dad used this corn oil stuff...let me see if I can find it...鈥?/a>

I had it wrong, it's corn husker's lotion. The stuff is awesome. It's not greasy, kind of feels like hand sanitizer when you're rubbing it in. Also, I have some herbalist friends who make this amazing stuff. I'd give you the link, but they're not making anything right now (seasonal...they grow and harvest all their own stuff...or as much as they can). If you want to try some, let me know and I'll get it for you. I can send you a catalog if you want. :-)
Depending on where it is to be applied. I have always been a gold bond user too. they have a few choices. I use the medicated stuff for feet and hands, but would not recommend it on faces. It would most definitely sting. If it is your face maybe the aloe one would be best.

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