Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Dry skin, what cream do u recommend me?

Hello guys, i have dry skin, i need a good cream to use in my skin, what would a proper cream for me?I'll be grateful to you if u guide me with a good cream.Thank You.Dry skin, what cream do u recommend me?
Try a cream called Amlactin. My dermatologist recommended it for me once. The site listed below will tell you a little bit about the product. You do not have to order it. It can be purchased in your local drugstore. It has what your skin will need to help regain and keep its moisture. Oil of Olay or Jergens or even vasauline will not have what this lotion will contain to help your dry skin.鈥?/a>Dry skin, what cream do u recommend me?
I have super dry skin because of swimming but eveyday i use Vaseline Intensive care. Not the big goopy stuff. But the lotion. Put on a good amount at night and in the morning everyday and if you are consistent with any lotion ,it works.
Eucerine cream is the best out there for dry skin. Use it, it works!
Use any kinds of moisturizer, plus drink lots of water.
im no expert at what to put for dry skin cause i have clear skin but i would prefer vaseline advanced healing
Try some Ponds cream.
hey Shafat,

Use nivea creams or any kind of petroleum jellys from vaseline.. It will really help you...It did me a lot of good...

But i couldnt but stare at your details and break a piece of laughter...How can people guide you with!...people can guide you by mentioning some cream and not by the cream itself...hahaha....just kidding....
well, if you have eczema, i would recommend CETAPHIL, it's a general brand that sells lotion and cream for this type of skin condition. it is odorless, as to not interfere with sensitive skin, and pretty thick.

if you are looking for just smoother and less dry skin in normal skin, i would definitely recommend Neutrogena Body Moisturizer. it seriously makes your skin smoother the very next day, though it can be a bit pricey.

good luck!
For your body use: Olay Quench Body Lotion

(you can purchase it at the drugstore)

For your face use: Dove Moisturizer

(this can also be purchased at the drugstore)
well my brother uses lubriderm daily moisterizer cuz he has dry skin too and he says its works good. its also unscented which is i guess good for guys
get a cream with vitamin E in it, it really helps to keep ure skin clear and soft, if u r short of cash for a posh make, Holland and Barret health shop do a very good cream- its baige with a green top and its very cheap, its good although the paketging isnt 2 encouraging try it. its natural and doesnt give u any rashes or anything, u can use it anywheer on ure body.
Olay Beauty Fluid.

Light, but works well. And reasonably priced.
You know what is good? Olive Oil! It makes your skin supple and soft. It will be oily when you apply it but rub a small amount into your skin and as you use it you will see the difference in one or two days.

If you don't want the oil get you some Kerri lotion or Nivea lotion/cream. My brother-in-law was in the army in Vietnam and he came back dry and crackly. My sister use the Kerri lotion on him and he is moist and smooth like a babies behind.
biotherm :) check out there site

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