Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Please help! What is the best moisturing cream for very dry skin?

My skin is so dry throughout the day it feels like parchament stretched over my cheek bones. It's not sensitive or flaky though. There are so many face creams out there, which one do I choose that will mositurise my face through the day without having to touch it up too much. I don't mind using an intensive one such as Nivea but I have to keep topping it up every 2 hours! Please help!Please help! What is the best moisturing cream for very dry skin?
Mary Kay Extra Hydration Moisterizer is great! and its oilfree.

I use the one in the purple jar because my skin is normal. But since your skin is so dry try the pink one.Please help! What is the best moisturing cream for very dry skin?
Alveeno has one for extremely dry skin and it stays on my face all day and keeps my face from drying out
i would recommend cetaphil moisterizing lotion (the green bottle)... its unscented...apply it once or twice before you don't even have to worry about topping it up every 2 hours.... it works really good...

But, it depends i guess on what you put on your face before you put moisterizing lotions/cream....

I used dove products because there so gentle on your skin and it won't dry up your skin after washing your face... and you can try dove moisterizing lotions works wonders too....
Try Intense Moisture Cream from L'Bri Pure n' Natural Skin Care. Check the ingredients on the skin care products you're using to see if there is drying alcohol and/or harsh chemicals in it. These ingredients will severely dry out your skin. L'Bri uses Aloe as their first ingredient and adds loads of vitamins, minerals, herbs and botanicals. These products have the unique ability to penetrate into your skin and heal from the inside, out. I would recommend the Gentle Skin Care Trio with Intense Moisture Cream. It's $48 and when used twice each day will last about 4 months. It also comes with a money back guarantee. They have a great body wash, mash and body lotion also. Check it out at
I have dry skin as well, and i use clean and clear oxgenating moisturizing face lotion. It's really light and i don't feel the need to keep applying it over and over. I apply it once and I'm done. And remember during the winter your face gets pretty dry so that's why you felt the need to keep applying. But try the clean and clear line and see how that works, or neutrogena is a good brand too and it's hypoallergenic too. Drinking water also helps hydrate and clean those pores out. And exfoliate your face once a week and moisturize your face really good after that.

Good luck.
The most amazing stuff I have fount is Youthful essense, you have to order it online or off the tv. but it is great.
Try spreading a thin layer of Vaseline on your face each night before you go to bed. Let it soak in before you jump in bed. Or, if you don't want to do that, mix a little bit of it in your everyday moisturizer. And drink lots of water.
olay moisturizer... and put it on right after you get out of the shower. (it locks the moisture in)
i know this sounds awful, but preparation h works wonders, and if the container bothers ya put it in something else, this really works and is great for wrinkles too.
i was gonna recommend nivea, cos the one i'm using realy works for me.

but seeing as how even nivea doesnt seem to help you the way you want it, it might be the facial wash that you are using.

it might be too drying for your face.
olay for your face...vaseline intensive care lotion is the best all over. i even use it on my face once in awhile when it gets very dry. i wouldn't use it every day on my face, though. too greasy.
i use intelligence rejuventating cream this stuff is awesome!!!! its not greasy and woeks great. this stuff gives you balance and is only $35 and lasts a long time!!!i shop here you'll love it

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