Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Does anyone know of a good body cream for very dry skin?

Here in Orlando my skin gets very dry, I have used all kinds of creams and moisturizers and I still haven't found one that works.Does anyone know of a good body cream for very dry skin?
the Aveeno is often nearly prescribed for people with exzema

so i would suggest that or a neutrogenaDoes anyone know of a good body cream for very dry skin?
Neutrogena sugar body scrub, fresh citrus. Smells yummy!!! It exfoliates and leaves your skin satin smooth from the botanical oils. You could also follow up with a moisturizer if you wish.
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I find that Olay Quench works really well...I have the same problem in the winter.
Cetaphil mosturizing cream. It was recommended to me by my dermantologist when I was on acutane. The acutane really dried out my skin and Cetaphil worked great, I still use it today.
yes the best what i saw on the market鈥?/a>
Aquaphor (ask pharmacist) or shea butter(?)
Shea butter its the best i promise!!!!!!!!!!!!
You're probably not noticing any results because most lotions on the market contain mineral oil, the molecular structure of which is too large to penetrate the pores of your skin. These products sit on the top layer like saran wrap and just get wiped off over time giving little to no benefit. Have you been finding yourself having to reapply your lotions all day long? This is why. You need a water based hydrating body lotion that will penetrate the dermis and deeply condition your skin. Arbonne has an awesome botanically based hydrating body lotion, hand cream, and foot cream that do just that. I use them and LOVE them! I no longer experience dry skin or the need to reapply during the day. If you're open to trying a free sample, I'll be happy to send you one. Good luck!
Yes Olay body quench !!!
Eucerin dry skin calming cream is terrific. In the cold winters of the pacific northwest we get lots of snow and freezing rain, this stuff saves me. My dermatolgist recommended it to me and it rocks, dries to a powdery finish but is so thick and rich you won't believe it. Even my kids ask for this lotion!
you can use baby lotion to shower i and pat dry skin

thats what i do
Lac Hydrin. Last I knew it was by prescription or available via online Canadian pharmacies. The best, also great for dry and cracked feet.

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