Friday, December 18, 2009

Good skin cream for dry skin?

I have been trying really hard to go natural but nothing helps keep my skin from being itchy except the Vaseline Intensive Rescue. I used this for years and stopped using it for 5 months and have been plagued with itchy patches and dry skin until I starting using it again. I don't want to use it because of the parabens, isopropyls, and titanium dioxides that cause external estrogen's and are linked to breast cancer.

I have tried Alba Very Emollient body lotion, Pure Shea Butter, Virgin Coconut Oil, Pure Cocoa Butter and none help relieve my dry skin. I even drank extra water, took fish oil, and primrose oil all during the 5 months with no avail.

Anyone know of a good paraben free body lotion I could safely use daily?Good skin cream for dry skin?
I don't know if they are paraben free but I know they work. Eucerin or Swiss Formula lotion. when skin reacts its a signal that 1. we are eating something toxic in our foods. 2. our kidney and or liver are being affected by what we are eating. So maybe get a liver detox or cleaner avoid the usual (for people who know and eat healthy) The white flour, the white sugar,milk( you can get natural calcium from sunflower seeds). Bathe with ';Dove'; drink you 8's of water.Good luck hope this helps.Good skin cream for dry skin?
Try lubriderm or Palmer's Cocoa Butter.

Read the ingredients on the back label if the first few ingredients are alcohol do not buy it . It has a high alcohol content that dries your skin more. You may think it works good and absorbs in your skin well but its the alcohol making it dry faster. Look for a lotion with less perfumes or scents and one where the alcohol is near the end of the ingredient list
im nt sure and have never tried it but the most commonly used cream for dry to really dry skin is e45, i knw loads of people tht use it and apparently its the strongest and best skin cream tht u can get without prescription so maybe u should try tht!
You can try using fresh Aloe Vera or the readily available one. Use aloe vera gel after bathing on the dry areas.There are many helpful tips to cure dry skin at
try body and bath works body butter it works really well
Jergens and Avena

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