Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Does any one know any good cream for dry skin?

I have dry skin on my feet and it is starting to get sore because of the heat. I also have excema. Does any one know any good cream?

Thanks for reading and if you replyDoes any one know any good cream for dry skin?
Arbonne has excellent creams for anyone suffering eczema (I have friends who only swear by it) and their foot cream is great.

Do not use any products containing mineral oils, petroleum [vaseline, baby oil or mineral oils in creams] this is a cheap product and dries out skin, imagine on already dry skin= not good.

Get a pumice stone for the shower and apply cream on warm but dry feet, apply socks to lock in moisture.Does any one know any good cream for dry skin?
a very good cream is eucrin cream you can buy it at walgreens or cvs pharmcies
i have dry skin but not excema.

for my dry skin i take quick showers everyday rather than long baths.

i would advise changing your socks everyday, also every time you have exercised put a new pair of socks on.

and you should change the shoes you wear everyday (if possible), this allows the sweat to dry out and thus kills any bacteria and fungus present.

i use a petroleum based cream on my skin called e45 cream.

if you were to combine all these together you should see an improvement in your condition.
Mary Kay has some great moisturizers for very dry skin.

Extra Emollient Night Cream $11 - this is great for hands, feet, elbows, knees - anywhere that gets super dry. I like putting it on just before bed so my skin is well hydrated in the morning.

Or if you even need something for your face, they have an excellent Intense Moisturizing Cream $30.

Ask a consultant in your area to try these Free. If you don't know anyone, %26amp; for more info on them, go to
Read tips on Skincare and more to help you better on this site
my dermatologist recommended eucerin. ive been using it since i was little for the same problem.
I use Aquaphor from Eucerin. It's greasy as hell but it works great. Slather it on, put on a pair of white cotton socks and go to bed. Do that every night and your feet will be as soft as the proverbial babys bottom. It will also heal the fissures you are getting because of the heat.

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