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What is a good cream for uneven toned skin(also dry and wrinkled)?

my skin tone is uneven and i can never find a good cover up i also have some wrinkle under my eyes.What is a good cream for uneven toned skin(also dry and wrinkled)?
Roc makes a great eye cream, it should really help with wrinkles if you use it morning and night. Also get an alpha hydrody acid cream (AHA) like Neutrogena's and use it every other night all over your face, except your eye area, that will help with wrinkles and skintone. And use a moisturizer day and night, preferably something with sunscreen in it like Oil of Olay with spf 15. I've tried a lot of different concealers and foundations, but I like Cover Girl concealer and Bare Minerals foundation best. I like these because not only do they work well but you can pretty much buy them anywhere and that's really convenient, with the exception of the foundation but I've found that it lasts a really long time.What is a good cream for uneven toned skin(also dry and wrinkled)?
Get some Vitamin C Oil. You can get it at a vitamin shop and it's less expensive than say, through Avon. Apply liberally every night under whatever cream you like. It's great.
Try the Skin Renewal by Clinique, because it will result brighter even skin tone and minimize fine lines.

I use it by myself (I don't have a wrinkle but I use if for the uneven skin tone because of the acne).

This product doesn't cause breakout.

For the undereye, I use Shiseido.

Hope this is help!
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What you should look for is a moisturizer with salicylic acid. It wont happen immediately but will over a short time help to even out your skin tone and may reduce the appearance of wrinkles however, you must be careful with salicylic acid near your eyes. You can also use a tinted moisturizer, they will help to give you the appearance of an even skin tone. Neutrogena makes these types of products. Good luck.

I tried some of these home based remedies and they did work for me ,this link has a lot of information and forums to discuss issues pertaining to skin,hair and weight problems so here goes,鈥?/a>

Good luck
Are we talking about a moisturizing cream or a cover-up cream/make-up?

Kiehls makes great moisturizers that can help reduce uneven skin tones from overexposure to prefumes and dyes. A lot of people are senstive to these and have blotchy, red skin, but don't realize it. Try a non-detergent cleanser without dyes or perfumes and see if your complexion improves. You may not need a concealer.

Wrinkles are natural, but good skin care and staying out of the sun are essential to minimizing them. Again, Kiehls makes several levels of moisturizers--oil free to very dry/repairing. From several companies, you can also get a tea-tree oil stick, a vitamin E stick (or oil capsules), or use 100% cocoa butter--but all of these are very strong and only for very dry skin. Use at night, before bed.

As always, a dermatologist will know best and they can provide really great suggestions and/or prescription for your specific concerns. Give them a try before you spend your hard-earned money on expensive wrinkle creams that may not work for YOU!

Good luck, my friend!
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