Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Can you recommend a face cream for oily skin(with few dry patches) for under £10?

I can reccomend 2 for under £5.

Avon Clearskin- Mattifying Moiteriser. Mattefiying is exactly what you want keeps you looking matt throughout the day.

Garnier Pure A is also good for avoiding shine. Saliytic Acid and Zinc is great for oily skin.

Good Luck xCan you recommend a face cream for oily skin(with few dry patches) for under £10?
aloe vera gelCan you recommend a face cream for oily skin(with few dry patches) for under £10?
try using teatrea oil..... it really nourishes the skin and gets rid of grease.

dont use anything to harsh on your skin (i.e. clearasil) because you have dry patches too, this will just irritate.

creams might just add to the oily skin so they are no-go too.

Good Luck!!!
Cein at Li dell great range of creams,the most expensive is around 6 quid?hows that?
i have skin a bit like yours. i use clearasil oil control face wash first and then i put on nivea soft. its the white tub of nivea and you can use it any wear around your body not just your face. just take a little bit of it after washing your face and it should work!! try it

good luck
Don't know if it translates into a lot of money but here in the states- Jojoba oil is very inexpensive and lasts forever. Use on face body and hair
Yes go for Oil of Olay Active Hydrogel. Its fantastic. Its water-based so totally non-greasy and leaves a lovely translucent, powdery feel behind which is unusual as it is a gel. Rub deep into the skin, using sparingly. It will moisturise the dermis beautifully while not being greasy. Patt dry with some face tissue to remove any shine. This product is excellent and lasts. You can buy it at Boots or Superdrugs. I have been buying it for years and swear but it.
E45, its PH neutral and you can get it for oily skin. Its not perfumed and is clinically sound.
oil of olay thats really good and smells lush lol
I would really recommend the face cream in the source! It has a really light texture which is perfect for oily skin yet it's really hydrating!
Mat suntan loitions like Neutrogena Dry Finish Suncreen with helioplex works wonders. It moisterizes and combats oil so pimples will start disapearing.
Ive alway used Oil of Olay, it does what it says on the packet and is good for sensitive skins.

Aslo use distilled Witch Hazel as a toner if you have oily skin. It is astringent and lightly anti septic. It helps balance the skin mantle and shrinks the pores.

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