Wednesday, January 6, 2010

I have dry skin so i want some good body lotion and also need good face cream to hide fine lines ?

The only lotion I've found that actually helps my dry skin is St. Ives. I prefer the vanilla scented one, but even the Skin Firming one works for me. Most other lotions don't do anything to help my dry skin, even when used daily.

I don't know of a good face cream to hide fine lines though, sorry.I have dry skin so i want some good body lotion and also need good face cream to hide fine lines ?
Best Body lotion ever. It looks expensive, but it will last you months.鈥?/a>鈥?/a> This is a facial moisturizer, I got it for my mom and she is in love with it.I have dry skin so i want some good body lotion and also need good face cream to hide fine lines ?
A lotion that will help dry skin needs to be thick something like abody butter that offers a lot of moisture, And if that doesn't work you can add a little oil to your lotion. I use olive oil its pure and natural or you could use vitamine E.

Try a night cream for you face they offer more moisture than the daytime creams and most of them firm and smooth lines..I use my nite cream for both day and night. Also drink plenty of water skin is the biggest organ and usually goes without the most.
Ponds body lotion is good. U can mix equal qty of olive oil and honey and massage on face and body. Keep overnight and in the morning wash with lukewarm water. This will hydrate the skin. For face I think NIvea Blue creme is best. Nivea body lotion is also great. U can also mix vitamin E capsule with moisturiser and massage on face. Keep for half an hr and then put a wet towel on face for 1 min. Rub lightly
Oil based moisturizers are good for dry skin. Pond's moisturizer and cold cream should work very well.

Also drink a spoon ful of almond oil regularly with milk, it will make your skin soft and supple from within.

Apply baby oil after bath. It does not stain and leaves your skin feeling soft and smooth.

All the best!!
There are many brands and creams in the market, but most of the contain harsh chemicals so be careful, what you need to do is to only buy body lotions and anti aging face creams with natural ingredients that have powerful anti aging properties like:
I found that Crabtree%26amp;Eveyln has a lotion called ';gardeners hand thearpy cream'; and it moisturizes, works for a long time, and has a wonderful scent of lavender.

i recommend this if you really have dry hands. you can also use it on legs and feet.
Shahnaz hussens hurbal products are good, but Amroli and mud treatment is also good, for face use conch cream,
Use gentle moisturizer that is oil free. I use cetaphil brand and sometimes i use aveeno because i have sensitive skin.
Try something Organic and Chemical Free that is gentle on your skin. Visit I am sure this will help.
For dry skin the best way is to apply either coconut oil or Til(Gingelly) oil before bath and then take bath with mild soap.
get a face firmer from khiel's and a good lotion from bath and body works, they have the best stuff and with christmas coming, they have the best stuff out now
Body shop has nice good quality mosturiser (:
body soap which is of good qality...

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