Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Best lotion or cream to use for dry skin in the winter?

Curel Natural Healing Moisturizing Lotion, Lavender, Chamomile %26amp; Oatmeal Extracts - I used it during the summer when I basically deep fried my legs in the sun. The doctors couldn't prescribe a good burn cream because I'm allergic to an ingrediant in it and none of the otc things they had me try helped so I went in search for myself. My legs were excessivly dry and after a few days of using this lotion, they were nice and smooth again (although still discolored). The lotion is not greasy and smells wonderful as well. Oatmeal is wonderful for dry, cracked skin.

I also highly recommend Burts Bee's lip balm.Best lotion or cream to use for dry skin in the winter?
Get your hands on some pure Vitamin E oil. You can buy it at most chemists. It is inexpensive and incredibly useful. Not only does it help dry skin (better than anything I've ever tried) but if used regularly it can considerably reduce the appearance of other skin afflictions, such as scarring, stretchmarks, rashes, etc.Best lotion or cream to use for dry skin in the winter?
Probably Aloe Vera. There are two materials that are the best. For fresh injuries of the skin or flesh that require either stitches or some kind of bandage to keep the wound closed, vitamin E oil is the best. The best is tecopheryl as opposed to tecopherol as it is a higher level of oil refinement. Applying vitamin E every few hours will reduce scarring and speed healing. For dry skin and cracked skin, winter dry skin or summer sunburn, etc. get the purest Aloe Vera you can get. You can even take a stalk of aloe vera cactus and break it open and apply the gel to the skin. It feels very cool and soothing, and it holds large amounts of moisture and feeds the skin and increases healing. Apply liberal amounts of aloe vera gel to sunburn or dry skin, every few hours, and it outperforms everything available anywhere. I would even think that alternating between aloe gel and vitamin E would be very helpful. I hope this helps!
natural Shea butter...makes your skin look marvelous
I just asked my pharmacist the same question a few days ago. She advised me to use a lotion with lanolin in it.
shea butter, vaseline, body shop's moisturizer, nivea...
Most of the Bath and Body Works lotions and creams are excellent.
I like Vaseline Intensive Care Cocoa Butter
A dermatologist friend of mine likes 'Cetaphil' if you have dry skin. It's available over the counter.
Try avoiding long hot showers. When you get out of the shower, still dripping wet, apply the heaviest lotion you can tolerate (ie. Aquaphor). Take care!
anything with vitamin E in it

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