Wednesday, January 6, 2010

My 9 yr old sister is veryy ichy. the doctors said its just dry skin and gave her cream for it but it's not

helping. Its like a red rash all over her skin. what could it be?My 9 yr old sister is veryy ichy. the doctors said its just dry skin and gave her cream for it but it's not
Are you using a new laundry detergent in your laundry if so that could be the problem. If not and you have been using the same one for years, change up and try something different and see what happens. Also soaps that you use apply if you are using something new or different. I had the same problem and it was my laundry detergent. Anything I washed with it made me itch. Good luck.My 9 yr old sister is veryy ichy. the doctors said its just dry skin and gave her cream for it but it's not
Make sure that the doctor has checked for exzema, it's like a dry rash at first but if it keeps becoming aggrevated it could become red or spread. Also make sure she's not coming down with chicken or small pox, I hear that they're coming back. This advice is coming from a mom.
Drink plenty of water to keep your skin hydrated and use a face pack of ripe bananas and honey. You can find more cheap, effective and natural home remedies for dry skin at
she could be getting dried out from the heat in the house get a humidifier and try it. she may also have yellow jaunders if her skin is sore . touch her and see if she shies away or hollers
An allergy-I get hives from fabric softeners, some are deadly.
nerves can do give you this type of rash. if this continues go to a different doctor
It could be a number of things from: bath soap, laundry soap, hand soap to any types of food. Just monitor her for a week and have her try different soaps that have no fragances in them. I used ALL laundry soap because it is non-allergic. Bath soap I used Dove.

As for the food, just watch and see what she has been eating and elimate the anything that causes the itchingness.
allergies-try benadryl eczema-try hydrocortisone cream
It should be a passing phase, in the meantime, try vitaC. I guess it's good for maintaining healthy epithelial tissues.
Could very well be dry skin especially if you have started using the heat in the house. Have her try some Aveeno in her bath, may do the trick.
What ever the reason for the itchy skin is probably the same reason for the skin to be dry. I doubt if the dryness is causing the itch. There are 10 million reasons for the skin to itch but the most likely is some kind of allergic condition or at least a sensitivity to something your sister is in contact with. This should be checked out with exam, blood tests and skin tests.

In the meantime some kind of antihistamine is probably the least likely to do any harm.
Make sure she doesn't take long hot baths or showers. That dries skin out during the winter.
I rashes and very dry skin occur alot in my family. My mom buys this body soap that is the Aveeno brand and it is lavender scented. It works very well on me. I don't really know what it could be. Maybe poison ivy? It can't be caused by any STD's because she is only 9 years old! I wish I knew the answer but I am sorry, I don't.
could be ezcema. google pics and compare them. she should go to a dermatologist. give her bynadyl for itchiness before she goes to bed
it could be an allergic reaction to something or an illness. go back to the doctor or go to another one. if the crean is not working she needs other treatment. itching is a form of pain and can become almost unbearable if not treated properly.

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